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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Very bad experienced..

Ok, done for one thing! Yey! What did I do for today? Saya dah berjaya menempah my wedding cards. Satu lagi item boleh di slash in my wedding preparation's checklist. :)

I just wanted to share my experience with all BTBs out there...My fiance and I booked our wedding cards at LH Creative which is situated in Jalan Pudu. When we step in their shop, it is like people at pasar malam. Ramai betol! Even during our first visit, we noticed that the service was not that great because nobody cares about us. Every people just around flipping through sample cards with their own. But their prices really reasonable. They are the cheapest that I have found so far. They are famous because their prices is the cheapest and more affordable. So, we went ahead and ordered anyway. I can feel that they are really under-staffed. They have only two person in charge in taking orders from customers. We flip through all the samples ourself and choose the design we want. We have to wait for them just to ask the price of each sample card design and after we made decision to choose the sample, we have to wait again to tell them our decision. Aduhh! Lama gila! We took about 3 hours to settle our dealing. Guess they are having good business, jual mahal ya! Ish3.. Sekarang ni, mereka menunggu map rumah kami untuk diemel. Hmm, harap2 la pasni, dealing kitorang ni berjalan lancar la. Huhu! I suggest you all be more extra careful when engaging with suppliers in the future. Pride as a customer will always come first. :)

Lepas settle kad kahwin, kami menuju ke KLCC. Ingat nak tengok wayang. Cerita Alice in Wonderland, tapi, ramai plak orang tengah queue. Jay cuba untuk booking tiket secara online. Mungkin takde rezeki nak tengok wayang petang tu sebab online booking for tgv available on Sunday only. So, kami jalan2 dalam tu, nak cari kemeja and tie untuk hantaran to Nazir (lupa plak, yang tu, tak beli lagi :p). Ada sale di G2000, tapi, takde plak colour yang berkenan dan sedondon dengan warna wedding theme kitorang. Saya suka shopping kemeja kat situ, sebab fabrik die cantik and affordable berbanding brand2 yang lain (yang tu je mampu kot) (T_T). Carik kat G2000 dalam Isetan takde, dekat butik G2000 pon takde. At last, kitorang ambik angin kat luar je.. Besh2!!

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